Spring Deal: Free first lesson.

First days of Spring in Friesland, and there you are, thinking, “I could really use some help with my English.” Normally, you will look for ways to improve it, maybe even think about classes — but courses take so long, you’d have to pay for it, and you’re not sure how long it will take to make you feel better.

That’s because there’s a more effective, easier, faster, and cheaper way.

If you call us, we’ll help you directly with what you need to do. No need to learn verbs and sentence structures you can’t immediately use — no potentially-usable information.

Normally, you’d send us an email, we’d meet with you at a discounted first-lesson rate to just talk about what we can do around your needs and your budget. Right now, though, there are people who want courses but are scared to take the leap.

So, we’re offering a free first lesson and intake instead of charging for it like normal. Let’s see what we can do to help you. Check out the contact form here.

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