Business Coaching

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What does ‘business coaching’ mean?

Fact: Every business has a project, often so many that lots of people have to take on certain duties to meet the company goals.

Fact: Everything involves language. Emailing with clients, presenting, writing reports, telephoning, meetings — even dreaming, office gossip, watching TV, thinking — all of that takes language.

Business coaching, then, means having help with the language components of those projects, with a view for the short-term remedy and the long-term skill-building for independence on future projects.

Who is this for?

Based on the above facts, everybody in business. Perhaps, though, it especially refers to those businesses which:

  • Work in English
  • Have English-speaking clients
  • Want to maintain a professional image
  • Are engaged in international business
  • Want to do international business
  • Want to offer continuing education to their workers
  • Work in the tourism industry
  • Require travel or have employees that like to travel

How does it work?

You can check out the methods page for more, but to put it short: we focus on that project or that skill that you and/or your company needs, and we find ways to improve those with every lesson with an eye on both the short-term and the long-term.

How much does it cost?

It’s not easy to say when you’re a company that cares about the needs of people/businesses above everything else. We offer flexible but fair pricing that fits your budget, schedule, and needs, so it’s not easy to say. Usually, the prices fall between 40-60 EUR per hour, but there are a lot of factors involved in setting a price. For more information, you can see the prices page for more insight. To get a better picture, we’d need to talk about it, so it’s best to contact us.

Why should I do this? Can it wait?

Sure, it could wait, but why waste a day? Carpe Diem and all that… Plus, why would you wait when you could try it for free with no obligation to continue? Learning a language is a big commitment with big rewards, and speaking English well comes with massive rewards that dollars can’t quantify. It’s not the language of the UK or USA or Australia alone.

English is a world language, and it’s here to stay.

Even Chinese schools hire English speakers constantly to quit their day jobs and teach hundreds of children. So, learning English means the world is at your fingertips as a business, as a traveller, as a music-listener, as a reader, as a hobbyist, and, ultimately, as a world citizen.

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