LOL Friesland for students

The world is your oyster

You've got your whole future ahead of you. Maybe you dream about spending time in the USA, landing an internship in New Zealand, or having a classy British accent.  ...or maybe you need to pass some exams to start your life on a good note.  No matter what, we're here to help.  But, we have to say: We don't just want to help you get the grade.

We want to give you the world.

IELTS & Cambridge prep

IELTS & Cambridge prep

In order to be admitted to colleges and universities around the world, many students have to pass English proficiency tests.  We help students get the grades they need by practicing these tests, helping them stay confident and strategize, and get the grade it takes to start achieving their dreams.

Tutoring & Student courses

Tutoring & Student Courses

English is a world language.  Because of this, it has become a crucial language for future success.  We help students maximize their English skills to equip them to be world citizens.  Perhaps you've fallen a bit behind or just feel a bit insecure, but don't worry.  We are here to help.

Okay, but what does it cost?

We never want someone to stop improving themselves because of cost.  For this reason, we are much more flexible with students and their budgets to be sure that nothing stands in their way.

There are lots of ways to organize courses, so there's no way to say right away how many hours you might need or how much we would have to charge to help you reach those goals.  We usually work with an hourly rate, typically between 20-35 EUR an hour.

No matter what, the first appointment is free.  There, we can talk a bit more about what is necessary, what your budget is, and see what we can do to help.

All that's left is to take the first step and contact us!

Take the first step.

Contact us to make a free first appointment.  There, we can talk about the best way forward for you and how we can help.  We will talk about your goals, your current English level, and your budget and time constraints. 

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