Our Prices

For all of us learning a language (yes, us), the cost is perhaps the most important factor in choosing to take the leap or not. League of Linguists Friesland believes in fair, affordable, effective language services above anything else. It’s what we’re all about.

We develop courses that specifically fit your budget, availability, and goals, so it’s difficult to tell you exactly what it will cost. Furthermore, we work with you on the pricing, managing the methods of the course, the frequency, etc. to find out: What is the most effective course of action that you can afford?

But, to give you some information to just think about how much you can or cannot afford…

Generally, we charge between 40-60 Euro per hour for English coaching. Just a few factors that determine the exact price are location, preparation time, materials cost, frequency, size of the group, etc.

STUDENT RATES: For students with a valid student card, we offer highly-discounted student rates, often 50-60% off. Again, we’d have to know what you need to give you a price. Contact us for details.

Translation usually falls between .07-.12 EUR per word. You are connected directly to the translator, so it’s still best to submit a request on our translation page and begin the conversation.

Luckily, we connect the trainer directly to you, so fair agreements can be made. The best thing you can do is contact us, and we can meet with you obligation-free to design a course around your personal or company budget.