Our Methods

Classical teaching models that most schools use are out-of-date.  Since the early 2000s, Task-Based Learning models have revolutionized the way language teaching is done, and most trainers and schools have not made the change simply because it keeps students paying. We think this is not acceptable.  In old models, the trainer acts as a teacher; in the new model, the trainer is a coachthat helps you along with what you’re already doing.

Language Teaching 
x Teacher tells you (guesses) what you need to know
x Doing lots of exercises with only a little real-life practice
x Information-based
x All about knowledge
x Emphasizes accuracy 
Language Coaching
– Coach adds to your already-existent knowledge
– Coach works with you on what you’re doing 
– Task- and Project-based
– All about communicating
– Emphasizes fluency 

Studies conducted in English classrooms around the world have shown that over-emphasizing accuracy can actually cause students to lose skills instead of build them (Karimy & Pishkar, 2017).  Studies have also shown that there are so many other factors to learning a language effectively, such as motivation, age, culture, your first language, etc. (Norris-Holt, 2001). In addition, from the lowest level to full fluency usually takes about 7 years (Smith, 1999). You don’t have that kind of time right this moment, even if you want to become fully proficient. That’s why we focus directly on what you need to do and guide you along the way while you make progress with every single lesson.

Enough research-based insight into what we do — how about seeing for yourself?