For Students & Private Individuals

We’re taking a different approach.
We want to offer effective, motivating, practical, and affordable courses to help you succeed.

Studies conducted in English classrooms around the world have shown that over-emphasizing accuracy can actually cause students to lose skills instead of build them (Karimy & Pishkar, 2017).  Studies have also shown that there are so many other factors to learning a language effectively, such as motivation, age, culture, your first language, etc. (Norris-Holt, 2001).

So what are the options?

Before we begin, remember: the first lesson is free. It’s completely, totally free to check it out and learn more, with no obligation to continue.

Broadly speaking, there are two main options, with the possibility to mix them.

In-Person Courses

We can meet together in person to build your English level. Maybe you have to take a test in English, maybe you’re traveling, or maybe your job doesn’t provide training…

We can help.

Normally, you contact a language school, hope that they have courses or trainers available, and hope that it won’t cost to much. Instead, we’ve built a company that promises to sit with you personally and build something that really fits you.

For example, Tijs wants to study in the USA. To do so, he needs to improve his speaking skills, fluency, and get a high-enough grade on an English placement test. We offered Tijs a course designed to fit his schedule, with enough practice exams and fluency exercises to make him confident enough to buy a one-way ticket.

Skype Courses

The 21st-century comes with a heavy demand for digitalization. Many people turn to apps that will teach them a language for free as part of this demand. Unfortunately, the method employed by these apps are severely out-of-date and are simply not effective for every person, for every situation, and still struggles to have a solid theoretical base.

Many people turn to apps to learn a language. Unfortunately, they’re not the most effective and the direct method is, well, almost ancient.

So, it’s also very possible to request lessons by Skype. Beware, though: lessons by Skype do have a nature all their own. Not sure if it’s for you? We’ve made a list of criteria for you to see if it might work for you:

Are you…

-an independent learner?
-proficient enough with computers?
-a frequent traveler?
-located in a remote place?
-interested in working with books or texts on your own time?
-in possession of good quality hardware?
-in need of short, weekly boosts?
-struggling with spontaneous conversation?
-interested in working on your accent alone?
-in need of more flexible schedules?
-looking for one-to-one lessons?
-on a budget?
-in need of test preparation?
-looking for an affordable tutor?
-able to access a scanner?
-able to access stable wifi?

If you answered yes to at least 10 of these, then Skype lessons might very well be a good consideration. Just like other lessons, the intake is a special lesson on its own.

For example, Liesa has to give a lot of presentations in English, but she doesn’t have the time or money to attend fixed lessons. What we offered her was a series of Skype lessons where we practiced talking about the presentations in 1.5-hour intervals (scheduled to fit her availability) to help her be more confident.

What now?

It’s simple. First you can contact us, and we’ll get back to you and see what we can do to fit your needs.

I’m interested!

What’s different about your teaching?

Classical teaching models that most schools use are out-of-date.  Since the early 2000s, Task-Based Learning models have revolutionized the way language teaching is done, and most trainers and schools have not made the change simply because it keeps students paying. We think this is not acceptable.  In old models, the trainer acts as a teacher; in the new model, the trainer is a coach that helps you along with what you’re already doing or exactly what you want to do.

Language Teaching 
x Teacher tells you (guesses) what you need to know
x Doing lots of exercises with only a little real-life practice
x Information-based
x All about knowledge
x Emphasizes accuracy 
Language Coaching
– Coach adds to your already-existent knowledge
– Coach works with you on what you’re doing 
– Task- and Project-based
– All about communicating
– Emphasizes fluency 

Need something else?

No problem. We can talk about making something that does fit your needs. One of our main strengths is adaptability, so we’d be excited to see if we can help you anyway!

Do you offer [intensive] group courses?

As of right now, we haven’t had enough people interested, but we’ve dreamed about it. If you’re interested in attending a group course, let us know. With as few as just 3 people interested, we may be able to build a course. If that happens, we’ll let you know right away!

What about students?

We offer the same things to students, including Cambridge, IELTS, and TOEFL exam preparation. We can also offer tutoring.

What we want is to offer something more effective, affordable, and accessible to everybody. That includes you.

STUDENT RATES: For students with a valid student card, we offer highly-discounted student rates, often 50-60% off. Again, we’d have to know what you need to give you a price.