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If you are interested in a course, coaching sessions, or a workshop, we would like to first organize a one-time session to meet and talk about it more.

In this meeting, we will…

  • Discuss your goals/needs
  • Assess your English level
  • Decide on frequency of the lessons and methods
  • Agree on a course format
  • Sort out other practical matters

After that intake, we will offer you a quote for the entire course. Intakes normally last 60-90 minutes for businesses and 30-60 minutes for private individuals and students. The prices for the one-time intake sessions (due by the end of the intake) are listed below

This Spring, we’re looking for more students, so we’re offering reduced prices for first lessons/intakes… …reduced to zero, to be exact.

BusinessesPrivate IndividualsStudents
30 EUR Free
20 EUR Free
15 EUR Free

If you’re interested in requesting a one-time, no-pressure intake, you may contact us via this form OR by phone at 06 4722 9768 :