League of Linguists began in London in 2014 by a small group of language trainers and translators who wanted to change the way that language companies work.  Instead of hiring linguists as employees, they wanted to connect the client directly to the linguist and cut out the “middle-man.”  This way, the trainer or translator can be paid fairly while lowering costs for clients. In March 2019, League of Linguists Friesland began in Leeuwarden to provide the same quality courses and fair business model right here in the North of the Netherlands.

We offer:

  • Effective English courses designed to make consistent progress and help learners communicate better with every lesson.
  • Methods backed by research instead of slow, ineffective, profit-making “teaching” approaches.
  • Focused courses built around your specific goals.
  • Fair and competitive pricing connecting you directly to the trainer.
  • In-company workshops and training so that you don’t have to travel.
  • Courses designed for students to improve their English and succeed in their studies and forever after for a brighter future.
Our Credentials:
  • CELTA-certified (Cambridge Univ.) trainers
  • All of us have done university-level studies in languages
  • 3+ Years of experience in nearly every teaching situation, including with diplomats, one-to-one, in-company, group, conversation, student, and intensive courses.
  • University-taught translators with years of experience and return clients.
  • Experience teaching in EU-government institutions

Our individual trainers and translators have, of course, their own impressive profile, including Master’s degrees, business achievements, cultural/linguistic familiarity (every one of us is at minimum familiar with 4 languages), and outstanding professional/teaching accomplishments.  For more information, as always, we encourage you to contact us.

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