Task-based language learning:


Workshops and clinics designed to improve team performance in a short time


Events & courses to help you speak, write, read, and listen the way to your goals


Prepare for your future with IELTS and Cambridge training


What three things do you need to learn a language?



To learn a language, you need to use it. We provide real-life, hands-on scenarios to help prepare you to perform.


You can't learn a language you have no access to.  We provide you with situations and examples that you can learn from


Studies show: Motivation is what makes all the difference in language learning. We turn your motivation into performance!

How'd you do?
Notice that "teacher" is not on that list.  Language professionals, then, can help increase use, exposure, and motivation and help you maximize your experience. That's how task-based learning works.
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All of our editors are Danish speakers, and, even though we write and speak English every day, we undoubtedly still needed professional help with grammar and wording. There couldn't be better proofreading than what League of Linguists Friesland provided.

Martin Wendelbo
Editor, TOFU Magazine

Alles verloopt perfect, interessant, flexibel. Ik zou hem aan iedereen aanbevelen.

Sofie Claes
Social Dialogue Network, Belgium

   “Preston was a very good teacher. Now, I find the words I need easier.”
   “Il nous a inciter à pousser plus loin notre réflexion en Anglais...”
   “This training, in addition to being effective, was pleasant.”

Nursing staff
St Luc Hospital, Brussels


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