For Businesses

Fact: Every business has a project, often so many that lots of people have to take on certain duties to meet the company goals. 

Fact: Everything involves language. Emailing with clients, presenting, writing reports, telephoning, meetings — even dreaming, office gossip, watching TV, thinking, using machines — all of that takes language.

Descriptions of our past projects.
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Business coaching, then, means having help with the language components of those projects, with a view for the short-term remedy and the long-term skill-building for independence on future projects.

Who is this for?

Based on the above facts, everybody in business. Perhaps, though, it especially refers to those businesses which:

  • Work in English
  • Have English-speaking clients
  • Want to maintain a professional image
  • Are engaged in international business
  • Want to do international business
  • Want to offer continuing education to their workers
  • Work in the tourism industry
  • Require travel or have employees that like to travel

How does it work?

We have three main options to help you (and your team)

1. Workshops

Workshops provide an interactive, practical learning experience for company teams. Perhaps a full course is a big commitment, and you aren’t ready to jump into something yet. We have developed one-part or multiple-part workshops to address a few things that could improve your team’s overall performance, using interactive activities, games, and small projects as a way to improve a few crucial things in a short time.

We will travel to you, with a fully-planned morning, afternoon, evening, or day workshop. In this workshop we will work on things like:

  • Addressing a few common problems specific for Dutch and Frisian speakers
  • Getting a feel for English instead of learning rules (and exceptions!)
  • Learn immediately-applicable strategies to improve English
  • Making English writing or speaking a team effort
  • Recognizing and reproducing sounds in English that aren’t similar in Dutch (Pronunciation)
  • Improving doing your job in English through project-based group activities

For Example: Jan is the leader of a marketing company based here in Friesland. With his team of 10 people, they hosted a morning workshop. In this workshop, there were some warm-up team activities, interactive pronunciation tips, some History of English with practical tips, and task-based project to improve writing marketing pitches in English — all in one morning!

2. Tailored Courses

What if there’s an ongoing problem? Maybe you have trouble with English in general and you don’t know even where to begin. Tailored courses could be the right fit. Now, every language school advertises this, but this time we mean it. Usually, ‘tailored courses’ just means that teachers pick the most fitting elements from a list of points. Instead, we offer more creative and research-based courses designed to fit around your level, your goals, your schedule, and your budget.

For example: Jacques works as a financial director for a larger company with a branch here in Friesland. When he goes to conferences, though, Scandinavian colleagues overshadow him. Even though he speaks three languages, his accent and fluency causes him to suffer socially when he’s trying to network at conferences. Instead of offering the normal course with an exercise book, we helped Jacques by meeting with him twice a week for short periods to practice spontaneous conversation and provide him practice and input to help him feel more confident.

3. Coaching Sessions

Every business has a project, a goal, something going on. Maybe it’s that upcoming presentation, training sessions for some new software, or simply trying to contact more clients.

If this sounds like your company, we offer coaching sessions. Coaching is different than the tailored courses insofar as the subject of the session is directed specifically toward helping you with that one task. If you’re nervous about something coming up, we can offer you confidence and peace of mind instead.

For example, Heilige Hart Ziekenhuis is about to change their records software completely, and they’re sending a team of nurses to the USA to learn how to use this new software so that they can train other nurses. We helped in this situation by doing these pre-training modules together, while also practicing giving directions to other nurses so that they had plenty of experience and confidence going to the USA.

Where do I go from here?

It’s simple. First, you can contact me. Then, we can exchange emails and/or meet in person to talk about your goals, your training budget, and your availabilities. Together, we’ll make something that will inspire you and/or your team, improve some English, and be customized to fit exactly what you need.

I’m interested!